I have written extensively about travel in the form of articles, blog posts and travel guides. I have worked with various travel websites and tourist agencies to provide useful travel info for their readers and customers.


Recent Travel Articles

Living in Vietnam - Costs & Expat Life

In this guide to living in Vietnam, Andy shares the pros and cons of living in Vietnam, the cost of living and what life as an expat in Vietnam is really like.

Client - Charlie on Travel

Ultimate Guide to Eating Vegan in Vietnam

I’ve just spent a little under 2 years travelling and living as a vegan in Vietnam. The country is well known for its cuisine and has become a popular foodie destination in recent years. Cities like Hoi An and Hue, in particular, are…

Client - Nomadic Vegan

Vegan Guide to Sri Lanka

I spent 4 weeks on the breathtaking island of Sri Lanka. To my surprise, the island had a lot to offer for vegans. I have compiled a list of tips and highlights just for you.



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